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Tapassya Bhavan, Joynagar

Joynagar is a village approximately 50 kms south of Kolkata. In a small building, we provide food and education for underprivileged children. These children are first-generation learners, as they are the first in their families who can read and write. They usually come from very poor families, sometimes living on less than 1 CHF (1 USD) per day. Consequently suffering from malnutrition, these children often lack the ability to concentration at school.

In our centre, these children are given wholesome food and tuition in the mornings before school, and after school, they again receive light meals and then attend tuition classes conducted by professionals. Regular sports, drawing, music classes are conducted along with other extra-curricular activities with the help of professional trainers. 

At the moment we have the capacity for 20-25 children, limited by the cost of app. 530 CHF a year per child. With some small investments, we can now try to reduce the cost per child and generate additional revenues to be able to take more children into the project.

Due to the pandemic almost all activities have been stopped by rule of the government. A great part of the families lost their income and they all have been supported by our partners in India with weekly rations. We look forward to continue our educational efforts as soon as we are allowed to.



Presently cost per child per year is approximately Rs. 39,000 (app. CHF 530) which includes :

  • Food cost for the child for the entire year as per our schedule discussed above.
  • Tuition cost for the child for the entire year
  • Two sets of uniforms
  • Medical contingencies

Apart from the above, general operating expenses are around Rs.20,000 p.m. (CHF 270) or Rs. 2,40,000 per year (app. CHF 3’240) which includes :

  • Electricity Bills
  • Salary for Cook
  • Salary for Housekeeping
  • Fuel for cooking
  • Consumables and stationeries