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Financial report 2019/2020

The Vidyananda Societey first annual financial report for 2019/2020 covers the period from 26th November 2019 (the day Vidyananda was established) to 31st December 2020.

Revenues and expenses 2019/2020 (all amounts in CHF):

Donations received


Contributions to projects in India*


Expenses (charges PayPal)


Assets of Vidyananda Society as of

Dec. 31st 2020


* Our contributions of CHF 5’437.00 helped to buy two cows in Joynagar, India. We will publish a detailed statement of account upon completion of the project however due to the Covid-19-shutdown we’re facing some delays. Please find more details and pictures here.

All other expenses of Vidyananda society are paid for by Yogaschule Martin Arpagaus.