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Financial Report 2019/2020

The Vidyananda Societey first annual financial report for 2019/2020 covers the period from 26th November 2019 (the day Vidyananda was established) to 31st December 2020.

Revenues and expenses 2019/2020 (all amounts in CHF):

Donations received


Contributions to projects in India*


Expenses (charges PayPal)


Assets of Vidyananda Society as of

Dec. 31st 2020


* Our contributions of CHF 5’437.00 helped to buy two cows in Joynagar, India. We will publish a detailed statement of account upon completion of the project however due to the Covid-19-shutdown we’re facing some delays. Please find more details and pictures here.

All other expenses of Vidyananda society are paid for by Yogaschule Martin Arpagaus.

Here you will find the annual report of 2019/2020.(german)